Champion Talent Acquisition Programme

Please address the following criteria in your submission;

  • Describe the Talent Acquisition team, its structure, where it sits in your organisation, how it partners with other functions;
  • What are the critical components of your talent acquisition strategy, including attraction selection and retention?
  • Describe  the rationale that drove the development of this Talent Acquisition programme in 2019
  • Give an outline of the team tasked with delivering the strategy and their talent acquisition experience
  • Who managed this team? What was unique about the manager’s vision and leadership style?
  • Outline the targets set.  How were these targets agreed?
  • Describe the challenges you faced and how these were overcome
  • Outline why you believe this programme deserves recognition. How were targets exceeded? How did you quantify success?
  • Describe any innovative strategies used, in particular any unique retention efforts and what these delivered
  • Provide evidence of stake holder satisfaction (include testimonials where appropriate)
  • How did this programme contribute to the overall performance (organisational and / financial) of the business?

Validations by customers, testimonial letters, personal letters, survey results and statistics must be included where appropriate. These Awards celebrate performance measured in 2019.

Entries are being accepted now. Contact Donna, the Awards organiser at
Submissions should be no longer than 2,000 words per category.
We require entries to be submitted via e-mail or on memory stick.