LTMH Conference

Let’s Talk Mental Health in the Workplace – A must attend event for senior HR professionals and those concerned with Culture, Wellbeing, Resilience  & Engagement. The event is aimed at creating dialogue with senior professionals as they identify the supports and structures needed to improve their organisation’s Mental Health strategy. This year there will be a special focus on the Future of Work and the impact changing work models – especially the recent move to remote working has on Workplace Mental Wellbeing.

The event will include a combination of presentations and panel discussions….with plenty of time allocated to interactive Q&A sessions. We will maximise the opportunity presented by the virtual event format and bring international speakers to our audience. This will be our most compelling agenda to date.
The event is split into morning and afternoon sessions, with separate tickets for both. If your business or income is affected by COVID-19, please attend as our guest. If you are in a position to purchase a ticket, 40% of fees collected will be donated to Pieta House.


Lets Talk Mental Health in the Workplace is organised in partnership with Laya healthcare. Our event in 2017 was the first initiative to bring senior HR professionals together with the express purpose of learning how to reduce stigma around mental health, improve awareness, enhance supports and learn from best practice in other organisations. By partnering with a leading health & wellbeing partner, we put on an event with even more insights from leading HR practitioners and mental health experts.

For 2023 Conference details – please contact     086-8370577