“IT Solutions has worked closely for three consecutive years with Donna O’Connor and Dave Fahy the event organisers for the Irish Call Centre Managers Association (CCMA) Annual Awards since 2006. As GOLD Sponsor for 2006 2007, and 2008 events we found it a pleasure to work with Donna and Dave both of whom demonstrated great enthusiasm, fantastic organisational skills, excellent PR skills and a ‘can do’ attitude at all times. In 2006, the Awards Event set a new benchmark for events of this nature with Dave and Donna on board and in each of the following years further success has been achieved with growth in the number and variety of award entrants across the board and expansion to include Shared Services organisations.This event provided an exceptional platform for IT Solutions as Gold sponsor to promote and showcase our company. I have no hesitation in saying that this has been a superbly well organised and executed event with universally high acclaim from all who attended – this was an outstanding example of how to deliver value for sponsors and attendees alike.” Signed on behalf of IT Solutions Ltd..”

Joe Burke

Managing Director , IT Solutions

“ the Society of Chartered Surveyors was seeking an event organizer to oversee our annual conference. Due to the increasingly difficult economic climate, the Society was keen to work with a team that would quickly identify and cater for the specific needs of our membership, delivering a high quality product within limited resources whilst at the same time ensuring a return. Black Square came to our attention by way of a glowing recommendation and the Society is delighted to be able to recommend them to others. Their interaction with members involved in the organization of the conference was invaluable – they were regarded by all as being enthusiastic and highly professional, as well as having excellent organizational and PR skills. The Society’s 2008 Annual Conference was a notable success – in terms of organization, profile and secured a financial return above expectations. We had no hesitation whatsoever in engaging them to organize our 2009 conference and very much look forward to working with them again.”

Ciara Murphy

Director General, The Society of Chartered Surveyors

“We have used Blacksquare for the organisation of our Annual Sales conference.They have great ideas, great energy and great tenacity. They helped us with themes, speakers, sponsors and selling the seats. We had the best feedback ever from delegates and the costs of Blacksquare was a fraction of the value they brought. We are continuing to work with them.”

Conor Morris

Chairman, Sales Institute