Let’s Talk Mental Health in the Workplace – A must attend event for senior HR professionals and those concerned with Culture, Wellbeing, Resilience  & Engagement. The event is aimed at creating dialogue with senior professionals as they identify the supports and structures needed to improve their organisation’s Mental Health strategy. This year there will be a special focus on the Future of Work and the impact changing work models – especially the recent move to remote working has on Workplace Mental Wellbeing.

The event will include a combination of presentations and panel discussions….with plenty of time allocated to interactive Q&A sessions. We will maximise the opportunity presented by the virtual event format and bring international speakers to our audience. This will be our most compelling agenda to date.
The event is split into morning and afternoon sessions, with separate tickets for both. If your business or income is affected by COVID-19, please attend as our guest. If you are in a position to purchase a ticket, 40% of fees collected will be donated to Pieta House.
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Let’s Talk Mental Health in the Workplace October 20th … A Virtual Event 

Morning session
Morning session to be exclusive to 75 C-suite and senior HR professionals and will be interactive with attendees invited to share camera and mics at different points during the event.
Topic: The Future of Work and impact on Employee Wellbeing

9.30am – 9.40am Intro: Roisin Ingle, Journalist & MC 

9.50am – 10.20 am.    Poppy Jaman OBE – is mental health advocate, and the CEO and founding member of Mental health first aid England (MHFAE)
Since October 2015, Jaman has been Programme Director for the City Mental Health Alliance, a network of thought leaders from the City of London-based organisations committed to improving and raising awareness of mental health in the workplace. In February 2014, she was appointed to the board as non-executive director of Public Health England and later that year she became a non-executive director of the Armed Forces Community Directory.

Internationally, Jaman has supported the development of MHFA in Bangladesh, trained orphanage workers in mental health literacy in Goa, and at the request of the Ugandan Government, provided training for the controversial Ugandan People’s Defence Force.

Jaman has cited her experience of depression as a young woman, growing up in a deprived ward in Portsmouth and leaving school at 16 (although she later got an MBA) helped her to develop an understanding of the challenges facing people with mental health problems, especially among diverse groups.

10.30am -11am – Panel Discussion Sinéad Proos, Head of Health & Wellbeing, laya healthcare, Itziar Canamasas, Head of Oncology, Bayer and Giles Barrett, Chief Wellness Officer, AIB – Topic tbc

11am-11.40 – Lisa Finnegan, LinkedIn, Senior HR Director EMEA and LATAM, LinkedIn. Lisa championed a ground breaking conversation around Fertility and Wellness after her own challenging experience

11.45 -12.30pm Chris Flack

Co-Founder, UnPlug
Digital Technology has been an incredible work and communications enabler during the pandemic of 2020.  However, our challenge now is to figure out how to work successfully within this new remote first world.  

Recent research by the Mental Health in the UK has found that on average we are working an extra 28 hours / month.  This is leading to staff struggling with; 1) focus, 2) ability to switch off and, 3) ability to connect with other humans.  So how can we get the most from these wonderful digital tools whilst managing our wellbeing? Chris’s talk will focus on key behaviour change techniques and tools and how you can start to build a digital culture ahead of potential Right to Disconnect legislation. 

As there is a 90-minute window between morning and afternoon session this provides an opportunity to network over ‘lunch’ with break out rooms which can be moderated by Laya Healthcare and specifically focus on the playbook topics. 

Afternoon session
Afternoon session is to be available to all senior HR leaders, business owners a

2.00pm – 2.20pm Barbara Louise Brennan. National Stigma Reduction Co-Ordinator
Barbara is a compelling advocate for Mental Health with a powerful personal story and a long history of supporting culture change in organisations committed to rethinking their approach to Mental Wellbeing. Her presentation today will focus on 

2.30pm – 3pmCath Bishop, former Olympian, Ted Speaker, Author of “Long Win. The Search For A better Way to Succeed”
The Long Win is about redefining success to broader, more meaningful criteria rather than narrow, short-term metrics that have been used in the past. Many short-term targets have been swept away through the unprecedented events of 2020, causing anxiety and stress, but if we redefine success around criteria that include our values, our contribution to a collective purpose and common goal, and recognize learning and development, innovation and experimentation and enable more collaboration across traditional silos, then we can transform employee experience and performance.

3pm -3.30pm – Laya Panel discussion featuring SinéadProos, Client (tbc) and expert (tbc)

3.30pm-4pm – Dr Ceppie Merry. Integrated Medicine Physician The 5 principals of a healthy, happy, long life.  Dr Ceppie was responsible for the campaign on social media 
4pm – 4.30pm – Amy Kean, Author & Guest Lecturer gives a not to be missed final address “Sticks & COVID Stones”, challenging is to rethink Body Positivity & micro aggressions!

It’s only banter! A comment here, a joke there. Normally we don’t realise we’re doing it, but microaggressions – small statements and interactions intended to ‘other’ – are everywhere at work, even remotely. While the concept is well known with regard to sex and race, an area rarely discussed is how we talk about each other’s appearances. Seeing our faces all day on Zoom and that dastardly ‘Covid stone’ lockdown weight gain has made many people self-concious, and more susceptible to critique. Amy Kean – author of feminist fairytale The Little Girl Who Gave Zero F*cks – discusses the impact of language on self-image, and how to spot those little triggers that might have an mental impact on others.  

Closing: Roisin Ingle 

Lets Talk Mental Health in the Workplace is organised in partnership with Laya healthcare. Our event in 2017 was the first initiative to bring senior HR professionals together with the express purpose of learning how to reduce stigma around mental health, improve awareness, enhance supports and learn from best practice in other organisations. By partnering with a leading health & wellbeing partner, we put on an event with even more insights from leading HR practitioners and mental health experts.
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